Turning a New Leaf

Culture_Finley_TurningANewLeaf-1080x720Has seat her now after months of not posting anything, I don’t even know how to begin. I wanted this Blog to be about my life, a little bit of things that  I love mostly food to be honest. Then one day I woke up and my life Rug was shaken underneath me and everything changed. Has I received the news that my daughter has Autism, I honestly felt my whole heart break. Has a parent you want your kids to be “Normal” like all the other kids. You want them to be independent, have friends, and  do things like everyone else. I thought to my self what those this mean for her, for her future all I wanted to do was cry honestly and I did when I was alone. You see out my Husband and I he took it the hardest, I told my self I have to be strong for her I can’t break down in front her. I had to pull myself together and do what I needed to do to get her the help that she needed, to one day be independent . So thats what I did I researched everything I needed to know about Autism and things that can help with this condition. My husband one day came across a diet called GAPS diet and we decided to give it a try and we have being doing it ever sense. Its been hard to adjust but she has being doing great, this diet doesn’t allow her to have any types of grains, processed foods, can foods, no gluten, dairy or any types of sugars and everything has to be organic. For me it was so hard having to come up with a foods that didn’t contain all of that but has the time passes we are getting better and better at it. This Blog will still have recipes just a little if not wayyyyy healthier for all you readers and fellow Bloggers. Thank you so much for being so amazing, and I hope that you all have an amazing weekend. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Love Lorenia


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